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0016458CentOS-8pythonpublic2019-09-25 20:37
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Platformx86_64OSCentOSOS Version8.0
Summary0016458: python2-libselinux is missing
DescriptionIn order to make python2 usable for testing code libselinux bindings are needed (ansible is not working without it).

It seems that this bugs mirrors the same issue we identified in CentOS 7.7 where python3 is missing libselinux, causing the same kind of issue: making testing impossible on that platforms. See

These two bugs combined means that a Python developer cannot really use a single CentOS box to test python code because it he will not have libselinux on either python2 or python3.

Almost all python library maintainers do need to test code with both py2 and py3.
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2019-09-25 20:37

administrator   ~0035219

The "system" python is python3 so python3-libselinux is provided. There are no python2-libselinux from RHEL8, so no python2-libselinux for CentOS-8 unless upstream adds one.
Maybe you can try to RFE upstream and meanwhile offer to build and maintain python2-libselinux for CentOS-Stream?

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