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0016470CentOS-8-OTHERpublic2022-02-03 22:04
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Product Version8.0.1905 
Summary0016470: CentOS 8 BaseOS repository references AppStream repo in a way which is incompatible with Foreman.
DescriptionThe BaseOS repository references AppStream via this:


The issue is this drops out of a "valid" Foreman repo url. (those ..'s go into the "CentOS8 Product")

There's a sister bug @ Foreman here:

This issue doesn't seem to happen with RHEL 8
Steps To ReproduceForeman 1.23.0
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2019-09-26 15:23


foreman.png (312,440 bytes)
centos8-product.png (128,626 bytes)   
centos8-product.png (128,626 bytes)   


2019-09-26 15:33

reporter   ~0035232

So, adjusting the repo layout plus adding the relative "sub-repo" has broken foreman deployments of CentOS:

../../../ ==


../../../ == foreman/pulp/repos/ORG/Library


2019-09-26 15:54

reporter   ~0035233

Last edited: 2019-09-26 15:55

Sounds like a foreman issue. Has this been reported to the foreman devs?

[edit] I need to learn to read better.

I am not sure what, if anything, we're able to do to accomodate this.



2019-09-26 16:12

reporter   ~0035235

I mean, I assume Redhat doesn't have this issue? Foreman / Satellite server 6 works with RHEL 8. Do they have the same relative ../../../ assumptions in their BaseOS repos?
It seems like a bad idea to make big assumptions a new layout of the repositories (incompatible with any previous release of CentOS) by cross-linking them via relative paths?

Historically these paths are:


Looking at Redhat:

So by reorganizing from Redhat's design, CentOS has broken foreman.


2019-09-26 16:22

reporter   ~0035237

as it's relevant, my CentOS 8 installation media in foreman is:

A potential work-around is using the external repos vs the Foreman ones for installation, but that kind of defeats the purpose of using foreman and using our "tested" set of software packages.


2019-10-16 17:37

reporter   ~0035510

I've updated how to get this to work with Foreman/Katello on the Katello bug linked above. We'll be updating our provisioning docs. Essentially to get CentOS 8 provisioning to work you need to also sync the AppStream repo and Katello will detect that and send it to Anaconda in the kickstart.


2019-10-17 18:00

reporter   ~0035525

Another issue seems to occur, however. If in the Kickstart file you have a line like `repo --name my-custom-repo-name --baseurl`, it will fail because Anaconda requires the repo name to be AppStream specifically. Would it be possible for this repo name requirement to be more flexible?


2020-04-09 08:51

reporter   ~0036659

Can someone from CentOS team assess this issue and provide things that can be done on the Anaconda side or mirror side? I don't believe there's much. I filed an issue for Pulp project to investigate options:

Thanks all.


2021-09-29 06:46

reporter   ~0038642

For the record, the relevant Pulp fix is at

It does not appear to work correctly, let's discuss there.

I am not sure if this is something that CentOS should be fixing. It is a breaking change for 8.0 and departure from what upstream (RHEL) does. Unless CentOS wants to change it, I think there is nothing there should be done on CentOS side.


2022-01-09 02:05

manager   ~0038806

CentOS Linux 8 ended its life on December 31, 2021 and, therefore, is no longer supported.

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