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0016479CentOS-8generalpublic2019-09-28 02:15
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Summary0016479: [RFE]: Differentiate boot & dvd1 ISOs' volume-ids
Descriptionlibosinfo* relies in the information present in the ISO header in order to detect a media. However, CentOS boot & dvd1 medias have exactly the very same information (for x86_64 and aarch64), making (almost) impossible to distinguish between those medias, causing issues for management applications trying to perform unattended installations in such medias.

Seems that being able to distinguish the names is *not* something impossible to do as ppc64le ISOs have different volume-ids for boot and dvd1 (they differ in the separator used, "_" for the former, "-" for the latter).

*: libosinfo is used by GNOME Boxes, virt-manager, cockpit-machines, OpenStack nova. It provides information about the OSes and scripts to perform unattended installations.
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