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0016492CentOS-8libssh2public2020-01-21 13:47
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Product Version8.0.1905 
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Summary0016492: No libssh2-devel package
DescriptionThere seems to be no libssh2-devel package in CentOS 8 repos. I found this from upstream:
but that didn't help, 'dnf module enable virt-devel' gives 'missing groups or modules: virt-devel' error.
Steps To Reproducednf list libssh2-devel
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has duplicate 0016625 closed libssh2-devel-1.8.0-8.module_el8.0.0+189+f9babebb.1.x86_64 missing 
has duplicate 0016894 newbstinson [RFE] libssh2-devel built but unreleased 
related to 0016626 newrange Centos8 is missing many -devel rpms, and some other packages 
related to 0016549 newbstinson [RFE] quota-devel package is missing in CentOS 8 PowerTools 
related to 0016795 new libdnf-devel is not available from CentOS 8.0 or CentOS Stream repositories 
related to 0016811 new package libepubgen-devel is omitted from the CentOS-Stream repositories 
related to 0016832 new libnml-devel package is missing 
related to 0016826 new libuv-devel package is missing 
related to 0016845 new Missing devel package 




2019-10-12 02:47

reporter   ~0035448

Any news on this? It seems like this package should be in PowerTools?

It seems to have been built with the libssh2 package on koji


2019-10-19 21:44

reporter   ~0035529

Not only is libssh2-devel missing, but there is also no qemu-system-x86, which I tried to build. qemu-3.0.1 still has a libssh2-devel depends, but qemu-4.1.0 does not. Upstream qemu.git took it out, I believe the responsible developer is from Redhat.

I'm currently packaging upstream xen-4.12.1 and xen-4.13~rc1 for CentOS 8. This is where I ran into this bug report.


2019-10-20 15:24

reporter   ~0035531

This is blocking my Copr build of zabbix as well.
Richard Jones

Richard Jones

2019-10-21 13:45

reporter   ~0035539


2019-10-21 13:50

reporter   ~0035540

So. . .how will that impact the availability of libssh2-devel?
Richard Jones

Richard Jones

2019-10-21 13:56

reporter   ~0035541

It should be pretty clear: Starting with RHEL 8.1 it won't be shipped by Red Hat. I guess the reason it's missing now is a screw-up related to this.


2019-10-21 13:58

reporter   ~0035542

Thanks. it wasn't clear. So do you think they'll fix it for 8.0, or do we have to wait until 8.1 and add it to EPEL? And people who need it just don't use EL-8 for an entire point release?


2019-10-21 14:03

reporter   ~0035543

I found the build for libssh2 so I know there is a devel package that could be published? is there any reason to not publish this to powertools for the point release as it is published in RHEL? otherwise is there any reason not to go ask for the epel package at this time?
Richard Jones

Richard Jones

2019-10-21 14:19

reporter   ~0035544

I don't know, guess you'll have to ask Red Hat's RCM team.


2019-12-16 23:06

manager   ~0035846

"Unshipped -devel packages in CentOS Linux"


2019-12-17 13:14

reporter   ~0035850

This is _very_ annoying. For example: libuser is needed by passwd, usermode, util-linux-user. So libuser-devel is built (koji) and used when building the above packages.
But if I try to use libuser-devel there is no way I can do that. Well, I can, if I re-compile libuser myself. But the list of packages needed to be built keep growing and growing.

And -devel packages are not the only ones:
Set GRUB_ENABLE_BLSCFG=false in /etc/default/grub, grub2-mkconfig --output=... and try to install a kernel. Nothing is added to /boot/grub2/grub.cfg.


Well, if we look in /usr/lib/kernel/install.d/20-grub.install we see that it needs /sbin/new-kernel-pkg. But grubby-deprecated (that provide new-kernel-pkg) is nowhere to be found (except in koji []). And, you cannot manually download anything from koji anymore. Same to postfix (postfix-pcre). And many, many other packages.

It would be nice to have a repository with the remaining packages build in koji, somewhere... Because I don't want to build and keep tracking for yet another package just to have a sub-package that is already built and not provided to us. In the end, if the list of the missing packages keep growing and we have to build everything by ourself, why use CentOS (RH) in the first place?


2019-12-26 13:34

reporter   ~0035897

This issue is a problem. I can't build Rugged Ruby Gem with ssh support. It breaks functionality of Redmine Git Hosting plugin. I'm sure Redmine is not the only Ruby app that suffers from lack of this development package.

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