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0016504CentOS-8libsmipublic2019-10-08 12:03
ReporterMarcus Sundberg 
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Platformx86_64OSOS Version
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Summary0016504: libsmi-devel and libsmi-debuginfo not available in CentOS 8
DescriptionThe libsmi-debuginfo package is not available from and the libsmi-devel package is nowhere to be found (except on but it's not downloadable for mortals from there).
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2019-10-01 12:33

reporter   ~0035281

There seems to be a number of packages missing. For me, I was looking for postgresql-devel (or possibly libecpg-devel). Since dnf provides "*bin/ecpg" returns no match, I thought I would try to build from source, which leads to unavailable packages: docbook-utils, elinks, help2man, and uuid-devel. I'm not sure if this should be reported as a separate issue, or bundled in with this one, as it seems like its related
Marcus Sundberg

Marcus Sundberg

2019-10-02 12:17

reporter   ~0035294

ipset-devel is also missing, and I'm sure there are lots more... A simple solution would be to dump all built packages that are not included in the normal repos in a separate repo somewhere so they are at least available, regardless of how the upstream vendor will handle these missing packages.

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