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0016507CentOS-8evolutionpublic2019-10-09 19:32
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Product Version8.0.1905 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0016507: Evolution cant add event to calddav with alarms
DescriptionWhen we try to add an event to calddav calendar with alarm I get the message

Failed to create an event in the calendar “CalDAV : Personal”
Cannot create calendar object: Failed to put data: HTTP error code 400 (Bad Request)

If i start evolution from the command line i get the message

(evolution:26852): libecal-CRITICAL **: 11:45:50.282: e_cal_component_alarm_set_description: assertion 'description->value != NULL' failed

So i tried to remove the alarm and it doesnt happen

Some user case that this doesnt happen
This doesnt happen when i remove the alarm.
This doesnt happen when the event is a whole day event from the beginning
This doesnt happen if the reminder is set 1 day before

At first look it seems to happen when the reminder is set in minutes or zero minutes before the start of the events

It seams really simple bug and it doesnt e
Steps To Reproduce1.Open evolution
2.go to calendar
3.Connect to a calddav calendar
4.Right click on the day "New Appointment"
6.Give a name to the summary
7.set the reminder at x minutes before the event starts
8.Try to save the event
Tagscalendar, centos 8, evolution




2019-10-09 19:32

manager   ~0035411

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