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0016522CentOS-8anacondapublic2019-10-09 20:03
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Product Version8.0.1905 
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Summary0016522: LUKS2 cannot be selected in anaconda
DescriptionAttempting to do a fresh install from DVD. Selecting manual partitioning with encryption in anaconda. I'd like to set the "LUKS Version" to "luks2", however the combo box seems to always revert back to "luks1" when the "Update Settings" button is clicked.
Steps To Reproduce- Start a new/manual graphical installation.
- Select "custom partitioning" with encryption.
- Automatically create partitions for "Standard Partition"
- Switch the "LUKS Version" from any of the encrypted volumes to "luks2" and click "Update Settings". The version reverts back to "luks1".

Additional InformationIt's also not clear to me why the "LUKS Version" cannot be changed if LVM is used. (see screenshot)
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2019-10-02 21:26


LVM-no-LUKS2.png (65,842 bytes)
LVM-no-LUKS2.png (65,842 bytes)


2019-10-09 20:03

manager   ~0035414

Yes, I can confirm this is a bug. You'll need to raise a bug on to get this fixed upstream in RHEL but there is a workaround:

Go to each partition in turn and uncheck the "Encrypt" checkbox and hit "Update Seetings". Now check the Encrypt box again and select luks2 and hit update settings again. This time it sticks.

I'm fairly sure the reason that it's greyed out for an LVM install is because it's the PV that is encrypted not each LV. I have been unable to find a way to get the installer to let me tweak how the PV is set up.

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