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0016544CentOS-7spamassassinpublic2019-10-06 10:34
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Product Version7.7-1908 
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Summary0016544: Update spamassassin
DescriptionVersion 3.4.2 has been released:

2018-09-16: SpamAssassin 3.4.2 has been released! This release contains numerous tweaks and bug fixes over the past three and 1/2 years including:
sa-update now uses SHA-256 & SHA-512 hashing to verify rule updates;
4 new plugins; and
Four CVE security bug fixes: CVE-2017-15705, CVE-2016-1238, CVE-2018-11780 & CVE-2018-11781.

But most importantly, there are checks (i.e. to increase spam score) that are only available in versions >= 3.4.1 so having such an outdated release in CentOS-7 is actually allowing spam to be under-scored.
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2019-10-06 10:04

reporter   ~0035346

FWIW, with this PR: builds on EL7:


2019-10-06 10:11

administrator   ~0035347

as you know that spamassassin is a pkg from upstream RHEL 7, maybe the request should be made upstream (so on so that when it enters upstream rhel, it will land automatically on centos


2019-10-06 10:33

reporter   ~0035348

Yes, but as you know, RH typically only really pay attention to RHEL bug reports from RHEL subscribers.

I was assuming there was some amount of relationship between CentOS and RH (now that RH owns CentOS) that would enable getting these kinds of updates upstream in a more responsive manner than reports from average-joe non-RHEL-subscribers.


2019-10-06 10:34

reporter   ~0035349

In any case, I have my update, in my COPR and it's working much better than 3.4.0.

I just thought I would try to initiate some activity that would provide this benefit to the larger community rather than just solving it for myself.

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