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0016545CentOS-7gnome-shellpublic2019-11-18 17:42
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Product Version7.7-1908 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0016545: ibus and gnome-shell breaks password fields in Firefox
Descriptionit looks like ibus 1.15.17 introduced this bug.

Please see the bug reported Apr 19, 2018 at ibus github:

the same for ubuntu:

Solution from Gnome gitlab page:
Steps To Reproduce1. open a web page with credentials fields in firefox browser.
2. focus the password field and start typing.

the field will either loose focus and remove everything already typed every few seconds or at least it will prevent to type continually.

It's very annoying and makes firefox unusable.
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2019-11-07 18:29

reporter   ~0035658

I'm having what appears to be the same issue. CentOS 7.7-1908, all yum updates to date applied. Firefox says it's version 68.2.0esr.

When focused on the password field the "insert bar" which shows the text position flickers constantly and it's impossible to type more than one character. It is sometimes possible to work around by pasting the entire password into the password field, but not always.

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