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0016550CentOS-8anacondapublic2020-10-08 12:15
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PlatformLinuxOSCentOS8OS Version1905
Product Version8.0.1905 
Summary0016550: CentOS 8 Kickstart does not create user
DescriptionWhile working on upgrading our image build processes to support CentOS 8, I've discovered that we couldn't login with our default 'vagrant' user that's specified in our kickstart profile.

This has been working on CentOS7 for years now and we can only get it to work by specifying the user information in a %post install script. After searching github for this very issue I've come across someone else who has run into this as well:

I've also tried removing the --plaintext option and using --iscrypted to see if that would fix it but to no avail.
Steps To ReproduceBoot CentOS8 kickstart install with user configuration:
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2020-10-08 12:15

reporter   ~0037799

I just came across this.

Seems the fix is removing the group "vagrant" from "--groups":

user --name=vagrant --plaintext --password=vagrant --groups=vagrant,wheel
user --name=vagrant --plaintext --password=vagrant --groups=wheel

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