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0016553CentOS-8-OTHERpublic2020-03-24 12:09
Reportercvoltz Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version8.0.1905 
Summary0016553: High availbility packages missing
DescriptionAll of the high availability (HA) packages are missing from the 8.0 release. The HA packages were provided in 7.0 release. The Red Hat 8.0 HA packages which are missing are:

The key packages which are needed are:
and any dependencies.
Additional InformationThe HA packages were available in CentOS 7.
Tagscentos 8




2019-10-10 04:36

reporter   ~0035422

Just went looking for these myself!
Pacemaker where are you?!


2019-10-11 13:22

reporter   ~0035444

Source files from RH are available at For those who can't wait, binary RPMs are available at or you can use the repo file at


2019-10-16 14:57

reporter   ~0035504

+1 to include HA into c8 base, like it was in c7

RHEL8 pacemaker is exported to git.c.o c8 branch:


2019-10-21 13:23

reporter   ~0035538

Please add the packages from Resilient Storage Add-on (especially dlm) too.


2019-10-23 12:31

reporter   ~0035561

+1 for keeping the same approach as in CentOS7


2019-10-23 14:57

reporter   ~0035562

Another +1 for keeping the same approach as in CentOS 7.


2019-10-23 19:53

reporter   ~0035563

+1 to include HA into c8 base.

Just registered here, because I think it's important that CentOS and RHEL don't drift too much.

Not having HA in CentOS would be a big step in a direction I fear:
In a time CentOS is the perfect clone of RHEL, but it's only contains the stable packages from RHEL for an empty OS.
It's just an idling perfect clone of RHEL.
If you want to install some software on it, you must take the developer(-quality)-version of it from a SIG a 3rd Party repo or compile it yourself from the RHEL sources (and unbrand it)

I asked myself what will change when RedHat bought CentOS. I asked myself again what will change when IBM bought RedHat. Both times they said - nothing. Do I see signs here?


2019-10-24 15:42

reporter   ~0035573

+1 here as well. I hope it just an omission, and not the way to make CentOS into a lesser OS than RedHat.


2019-10-25 13:08

reporter   ~0035588

+1 to include HA into c8 base.


2019-10-30 16:01

reporter   ~0035609

+1 for including all of HA into C8 base, as was done for C7.

We were planning on using CentOS 8 as a base for a new product launch, but without Pacemaker we are unable to do so. I was very surprised to find it unavailable in the base repositories.


2019-10-30 20:26

reporter   ~0035612

To help CentOS users in the meantime, I have built the packages and added them to our repo[1]. Note that 'clufter'[2] is not include, as it relies on 'jing', which is not available in RHEL 8. As such, I removed 'python3-clufter' as a pcs dependency. The 'clufter' package principally provides an a way to convert older cman/rgmanager clusters to pacemaker, so this omission shouldn't effect most users.



2019-10-30 20:27

reporter   ~0035613

In addition; I should mention that I recompiled the src.rpms from RHEL 8, without any effort to maintain binary compatibility. These packages are entirely untested should be used for testing, not production.


2019-11-11 20:31

reporter   ~0035674

Is it possible to get an update on this ticket?


2019-11-18 16:04

reporter   ~0035705

How about DRBD too? Are RPMs for CentOS 8 available?


2019-11-18 18:57

reporter   ~0035706

DRBD doesn't ship with RHEL, so I would not expect them to be included in CentOS, either. They might be in EPEL 8 by now, not sure. If not, we have DRBD9 in our repo (


2019-11-20 15:11

reporter   ~0035716

+1 to finding out what the status of this is. My project isn't allowed to use rpm's from any source or repository, so we're not allowed to even checkout or test what digimer's done on his repository. So we're waiting for the official repository to release these.


2019-12-20 12:36

reporter   ~0035872

Is there ANY update on what's going on here? It's been almost 3 months since the bug was filed and I don't see a single comment, update, or statement from anyone responsible for the package(s) involved, or CentOS in general, only fellow users requesting that it be built, or asking for updates on it.


2020-01-07 19:57

reporter   ~0035959

+1 for keeping HA as part of base in c8 for me and my company as well.


2020-01-07 20:12

reporter   ~0035960

Me and my colleagues as well think that HA packages should be included in the base repo. +1


2020-01-07 20:44

reporter   ~0035962

pacemaker is coming in 8.1, preview is in CR repo


2020-01-07 20:57

reporter   ~0035964

Are all the associated HA packages coming as well? I don't see 'pcs' or a few others.


2020-01-08 10:25

reporter   ~0035967

Note that some libraries which are pacemaker anc corosyn subpackages are included in CentOS baseOS. That was in 8.0 and that's what is in CR, but the actual packages in HA repos are still missing.


2020-01-08 10:36

reporter   ~0035968

i see some 8.1 builds in mbox but not shipped in CR, will they be available in 8.1 GA?


2020-01-27 10:36

reporter   ~0036130

I don't see 'pcs', 'pacemaker', 'pacemaker-cli', 'corosync', 'resource-agents' packages available. Of pacemaker packages I only see 'pacemaker-cluster-libs', 'pacemaker-libs', and 'pacemaker-schemas'. Of corosync I only see 'corosynclib' and 'corosync-vqsim'. As amoralej mentioned though I do see those packages in the koji mbox, but not in CR, or 8.1 repos.

On a 7.x system required packages for 'pcs' that also appear to be missing are: 'clufter-common', 'clufter-bin', and 'python-clufter'; I don't know if these are still prereq's for 'pcs' under 8.x or not.


2020-01-27 10:39

reporter   ~0036131


You need to enable "HighAvailability" repository in CentOS8 and you'll find all HA packages there since 8.1.


2020-01-27 10:56

reporter   ~0036132

AH! Thank you! I feel like an idiot, but at least things are there, so I'll take a public shaming for that! :-)


2020-02-04 10:41

reporter   ~0036194

I confirm the HA packages are in the 8.1 HA repo.

However the package dlm from resilient storage is still missing. It's not even in Koji :(.


2020-02-17 14:06

reporter   ~0036298

Hello there,

Does anyone know another way of installing dlm package in the meantime?.

Thanks very much.

Just in case, there is a bug report for the lack of this package:


2020-02-17 14:43

reporter   ~0036299

dlm and dlm-lib build quite fine from the source at

There are a few packages you have to install for the build process though. Also from PowerTools repo if I remember correctly.


2020-03-06 17:25

reporter   ~0036472

There is a separate bug open for the missing dlm package:


2020-03-09 07:42

reporter   ~0036481

All of the packages from description have been added to the repositories.

Missing dlm has it's own bug report.

This issue is resolved and can be CLOSED.


2020-03-21 11:43

reporter   ~0036545

I haven't really deploy centOS 8 cluster using pacemaker. But following output looks pacemaker pkgs are ported.

[root@centos8t01 ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS Linux release 8.1.1911 (Core)
[root@centos8t01 ~]# dnf config-manager --set-enabled HighAvailability
[root@centos8t01 ~]# dnf info corosync.x86_64 pacemaker
CentOS-8 - HA 18 kB/s | 3.8 kB 00:00
Available Packages
Name : corosync
Version : 3.0.2
Release : 3.el8_1.1
Architecture : x86_64
Size : 261 k
Source : corosync-3.0.2-3.el8_1.1.src.rpm
Repository : HighAvailability
Summary : The Corosync Cluster Engine and Application Programming
             : Interfaces
License : BSD
Description : This package contains the Corosync Cluster Engine Executive,
             : several default APIs and libraries, default configuration files,
             : and an init script.

Name : pacemaker
Version : 2.0.2
Release : 3.el8_1.2
Architecture : x86_64
Size : 429 k
Source : pacemaker-2.0.2-3.el8_1.2.src.rpm
Repository : HighAvailability
Summary : Scalable High-Availability cluster resource manager
License : GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+
Description : Pacemaker is an advanced, scalable High-Availability cluster
             : resource manager.
             : It supports more than 16 node clusters with significant
             : capabilities for managing resources and dependencies.
             : It will run scripts at initialization, when machines go up or
             : down, when related resources fail and can be configured to
             : periodically check resource health.
             : Available rpmbuild rebuild options:
             : --with(out) : coverage doc stonithd hardening pre_release
             : profiling

[root@centos8t01 ~]#

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