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0016558Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2020-03-26 06:56
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Summary0016558: [CloudSIG] Create Cloud SIG release repo for RDO Train
DescriptionWe need a new repo for train in:

Official GA will be on Oct 16th but we may do an initial push with RC packages.

Content should be synchronized from CBS tag cloud7-openstack-train-release only.

 NOTE: for train we will NOT synchronize cloud7-openstack-common-release to opentack-train/common/ folder
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2019-10-09 07:01

administrator   ~0035375

Can you open PR against git repo holding the configuration file for what to push and where ?

Thanks :)


2019-10-09 11:29

reporter   ~0035386

Proposed PR:-


2019-10-15 04:17

reporter   ~0035471

Thanks, sync started today and content now available:-, but can't find altarch repos([1][2]). But that's seems a seperate issue as it's not getting updated for other releases as well since 15th September. I can open a seperate ticket for it if required



2019-10-15 05:46

administrator   ~0035472

@ykarel : the three arches were added in the mirror crawler (behind and so the three repositories will be checked/validated today and so added automatically to after external mirrors have been crawled at least once.
That will (obviously) fail for ppc64le/aarch64 as nothing is available on itself for those arches.


2019-10-15 06:46

reporter   ~0035473

@arrfab, Thanks working now.

For altarch i have created seperate issue since that's affecting other cloudsig repos as well:-


2019-10-15 06:52

administrator   ~0035474

@ykarel : yes and mirrors are being validated , so once finished, you'll see mirrorlist also answering with real external mirrors.
worth knowing that for ppc64le/aarch64 mirrorlist is also answering now, but through a "fallback" plan where we weren't able to validate mirror, so just returning in "best case" and hoping that something was pushed there :

curl ''

So, once we'll have pkgs pushed there, it will directly work, and in the next hour , after mirror crawler will have validated external mirrors (when they'll have pulled content) they'll be added in lists too


2020-03-26 06:56

administrator   ~0036584

Also closing this one , solved by new signing process and content for altarch was signed and released too

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