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Summary0016614: No Centos 8 AMIs
DescriptionI'd like to request Centos 8 AMI images. You currently provide them for Centos 6 and 7, but not 8:

The ZFS on Linux project uses Centos AMIs for our automated testing. We currently can't release Centos 8 ZFS RPMs, since we have no way to test them without the AMIs:
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2019-10-30 12:01

reporter   ~0035605

We really need to get this resolved there a way that I can assist building the image?

2019-10-30 13:46

reporter   ~0035607

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 AMI was built by Amazon Web Services. They have been available since July 2019. has built the previous official AMI.
I am assuming it is not a technical issue to build a certified AMI, but one of priority.


2019-11-04 11:09

reporter   ~0035636

So where should the request be made for a Centos ami? I am not interested in the RH ami's


2019-11-05 23:26

reporter   ~0035643

This is in the Cloud Instance SIG purview -
There's a kickstart file for a generic CentOS 8 cloud image in this pull request:

There's also an outstanding pull request for an Azure image kickstart file for CentOS 8

I'm sure they would be happy to accept changes to build an AMI, should someone create one.


2019-11-15 02:39

reporter   ~0035695

I tried to (and turned off BLS) and when attempting to import to AWS (amazon-import), it fails with

Unsupported kernel version 4.18.0-80.el8.x86_64

Any way to fix this?


2019-11-15 08:54

reporter   ~0035697

I got the same's a bit funny since I installed a RH 8.0 in AWS which is running the same kernel version the only difference is that the RH kernel is tagged with RH in the end.

I ended up following this article which works really well.


2019-11-15 15:12

reporter   ~0035700

If you made a CentOS 8 image and uploaded it to AWS via, I will try it out. Thanks


2019-11-15 15:17

reporter   ~0035701

It works just make sure that you get both cloud-init.noarch and cloud-utils-growpart.noarch installed without cloud-utils-growpart.noarch changing the EBS disk size wont be discovered by Centos.


2020-01-06 15:58

reporter   ~0035943

Looking at AWS us-east-1: what are the images published by owner 679593333241? That's the same owner ID as the official CentOS 7 images (e.g. ami-02eac2c0129f6376b which is the latest published). If you just go to us-east-1 > EC2 > AMIs > select Public images > search for "centos8", you'll find the images I'm talking about. For example:
- ami-034a46a96c820cc75 (CentOS 8 Minimal Latest with Updates-f399b70b-09d8-4df4-ba78-bc1813b4b257-ami-063710974a98495cb.4)
- ami-0c69cc337830690b6 (CentOS8-ENA-AWS-cea6f7dd-49db-40fd-a49e-16617be018a3-ami-025c3654e9b105dbb.4)
And others (there's a dozen). I haven't tested any of them, but are they official?


2020-01-09 13:54

reporter   ~0035981

@shubbeh No; the official builds are linked in the Issue Description;

The only official-ish comment I could find was the Forum Moderator who seemed to not care;

2020-01-09 14:06

administrator   ~0035982

were pretty close to getting 8.1 out of the door, as soon as that hits, i will aim to get the AMI's up within a week from 8.1 drop for x86 and aarch64.

going forward, I've got 90% of the automation in place to keep the cadence rolling ( expect 4 to 5 updates a year for the base image per distro 6/7/8 in the AMP stack, and a weekly build for BYOI flow )

this is for x86_64, the aarch64 images will lag a bit, but will catchup farily quickly ( by Mar '20 is a good goal to set )


2020-01-09 14:56

reporter   ~0035983

Thanks for the quick and detailed answer kbsingh.

The Current 8.1 Timeline Link;
is 2 months in and does look close (AFAIR it ranges from 1 to 7 months).

2020-01-09 15:48

administrator   ~0035984

based on the current status, we shouldnt be more than a week or two to release, the challenge with that board is that it does not quantify the amount of work, so even small checks and changes trigger a package build etc.

A good metric to track is the CR/ drop - once that is in, its safe to assume the content base is done, or extremely close.

2020-01-09 19:11

reporter   ~0035988

> were pretty close to getting 8.1 out of the door, as soon as that hits, i will aim to
> get the AMI's up within a week from 8.1 drop for x86 and aarch64.

Thank you kbsingh!


2020-01-23 18:13

reporter   ~0036106

Am very very eager for the Centos8 AMi to be available because there's a bunch of servers I want to deploy and get rid of python2!



2020-01-24 02:35

reporter   ~0036109

I'm also anxious for the Centos8 AMI to become officially available.

I noticed that there is a CentOS-8-ec2-8.1.1911-20200113.3.x86_64.qcow2 file available at Is the official AMI going to be created from this file?



2020-01-27 10:33

reporter   ~0036129

Any updates on this?


2020-01-27 12:59

reporter   ~0036134

I am also waiting for CentOS 8.
I need to upload servers on aws and I wanted it to be CentOS but version 7.7 with the 4.4.210 kernel has some
vulnerabilities Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities.


2020-02-05 22:21

reporter   ~0036208


I tried to import the CentOS-8-ec2-8.1.1911-20200113.3.x86_64.qcow2 image as an AMI after converting it into raw format. It fails because AWS doesn't recognize the kernel version: "ClientError: Unable to determine kernel version."


2020-02-06 10:59

reporter   ~0036215

I have found the following CentOS 8.1 images in AWS Marketplace. Not official, but working very well:

CentOS 8 Minimal:
CentOS Stream Minimal:

There are other as well, if you search .


2020-02-07 15:17

reporter   ~0036225

I really needed to try centos8 because there were a few specific packages in it newer than 7 which mattered, so I spun up a centos7 AWS image and then upgraded it using these instructions:

which worked pretty much perfectly, after the upgrade I rebooted and everything was working fine.


2020-02-17 18:45

reporter   ~0036301

I see a post from January from saying that the AMIs would be available shortly after 8.1 release. I do see images at So does this mean that there are still bugs and so the images were rejected by Amazon for the Marketplace?


2020-02-26 12:33

reporter   ~0036385

Im also waiting for official CentOS 8 AMI's, any ETA on this?, thanks.


2020-02-26 15:25

reporter   ~0036387

i sign up just to state my big disappointment that it is 10 months and centos team is not able to deploy official AWS image.
Linode had their official centos 8 image almost next day after centos release.
There was some confusing statements that as soon as 8.1 is relesed there will be aws cloud image. 8.1 was released 5 weeks ago and there is just nothing: not a single line in or
it is enough to say we will not support AWS so each person still hoping for official image can switch distribution or figure it out by themselve.


2020-02-26 22:09

reporter   ~0036392

There are so many options with Linux

But fewer with an LTS option

And fewer still that are free other than CentOS(10y) there is Ubuntu(10y), Debian(5y), and opensuse(3y).
So really CentOS is only one of two options in its class.

2020-03-11 13:29

reporter   ~0036489

Do you have an update on the status of the AMI? I could not find any updates on your progress on any other forums.
Where would I check for the CR/ drop?


2020-03-23 16:29

reporter   ~0036551

The CentOS 8 AMI will be a full year late after the RHEL 8 release if it is not released In less than a month...


2020-03-26 17:11

reporter   ~0036588

I am able to see Centos 8 amis from this seller :
The owner account is same as centos one : 679593333241
How is this possible?


2020-03-26 17:21

reporter   ~0036589

I think the official CentOS marketplace entry is this one:


2020-03-26 19:09

reporter   ~0036590

Both share the same account number. That's why it's confusing.
Is there any timeline, by when we can expect the official build on AWS?


2020-03-26 19:39

reporter   ~0036591

I believe all images in the AWS Marketplace are owned by the same account, and 679593333241 is the AWS Marketplace account.


2020-03-31 15:15

reporter   ~0036628

Any update to the likely date for official CentOS 8 AMIs?

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