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Summary0016614: No Centos 8 AMIs
DescriptionI'd like to request Centos 8 AMI images. You currently provide them for Centos 6 and 7, but not 8:

The ZFS on Linux project uses Centos AMIs for our automated testing. We currently can't release Centos 8 ZFS RPMs, since we have no way to test them without the AMIs:
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2019-10-30 12:01

reporter   ~0035605

We really need to get this resolved there a way that I can assist building the image?

2019-10-30 13:46

reporter   ~0035607

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 AMI was built by Amazon Web Services. They have been available since July 2019. has built the previous official AMI.
I am assuming it is not a technical issue to build a certified AMI, but one of priority.


2019-11-04 11:09

reporter   ~0035636

So where should the request be made for a Centos ami? I am not interested in the RH ami's


2019-11-05 23:26

reporter   ~0035643

This is in the Cloud Instance SIG purview -
There's a kickstart file for a generic CentOS 8 cloud image in this pull request:

There's also an outstanding pull request for an Azure image kickstart file for CentOS 8

I'm sure they would be happy to accept changes to build an AMI, should someone create one.


2019-11-15 02:39

reporter   ~0035695

I tried to (and turned off BLS) and when attempting to import to AWS (amazon-import), it fails with

Unsupported kernel version 4.18.0-80.el8.x86_64

Any way to fix this?


2019-11-15 08:54

reporter   ~0035697

I got the same's a bit funny since I installed a RH 8.0 in AWS which is running the same kernel version the only difference is that the RH kernel is tagged with RH in the end.

I ended up following this article which works really well.


2019-11-15 15:12

reporter   ~0035700

If you made a CentOS 8 image and uploaded it to AWS via, I will try it out. Thanks


2019-11-15 15:17

reporter   ~0035701

It works just make sure that you get both cloud-init.noarch and cloud-utils-growpart.noarch installed without cloud-utils-growpart.noarch changing the EBS disk size wont be discovered by Centos.


2020-01-06 15:58

reporter   ~0035943

Looking at AWS us-east-1: what are the images published by owner 679593333241? That's the same owner ID as the official CentOS 7 images (e.g. ami-02eac2c0129f6376b which is the latest published). If you just go to us-east-1 > EC2 > AMIs > select Public images > search for "centos8", you'll find the images I'm talking about. For example:
- ami-034a46a96c820cc75 (CentOS 8 Minimal Latest with Updates-f399b70b-09d8-4df4-ba78-bc1813b4b257-ami-063710974a98495cb.4)
- ami-0c69cc337830690b6 (CentOS8-ENA-AWS-cea6f7dd-49db-40fd-a49e-16617be018a3-ami-025c3654e9b105dbb.4)
And others (there's a dozen). I haven't tested any of them, but are they official?


2020-01-09 13:54

reporter   ~0035981

@shubbeh No; the official builds are linked in the Issue Description;

The only official-ish comment I could find was the Forum Moderator who seemed to not care;

2020-01-09 14:06

administrator   ~0035982

were pretty close to getting 8.1 out of the door, as soon as that hits, i will aim to get the AMI's up within a week from 8.1 drop for x86 and aarch64.

going forward, I've got 90% of the automation in place to keep the cadence rolling ( expect 4 to 5 updates a year for the base image per distro 6/7/8 in the AMP stack, and a weekly build for BYOI flow )

this is for x86_64, the aarch64 images will lag a bit, but will catchup farily quickly ( by Mar '20 is a good goal to set )


2020-01-09 14:56

reporter   ~0035983

Thanks for the quick and detailed answer kbsingh.

The Current 8.1 Timeline Link;
is 2 months in and does look close (AFAIR it ranges from 1 to 7 months).

2020-01-09 15:48

administrator   ~0035984

based on the current status, we shouldnt be more than a week or two to release, the challenge with that board is that it does not quantify the amount of work, so even small checks and changes trigger a package build etc.

A good metric to track is the CR/ drop - once that is in, its safe to assume the content base is done, or extremely close.

2020-01-09 19:11

reporter   ~0035988

> were pretty close to getting 8.1 out of the door, as soon as that hits, i will aim to
> get the AMI's up within a week from 8.1 drop for x86 and aarch64.

Thank you kbsingh!


2020-01-23 18:13

reporter   ~0036106

Am very very eager for the Centos8 AMi to be available because there's a bunch of servers I want to deploy and get rid of python2!



2020-01-24 02:35

reporter   ~0036109

I'm also anxious for the Centos8 AMI to become officially available.

I noticed that there is a CentOS-8-ec2-8.1.1911-20200113.3.x86_64.qcow2 file available at Is the official AMI going to be created from this file?



2020-01-27 10:33

reporter   ~0036129

Any updates on this?


2020-01-27 12:59

reporter   ~0036134

I am also waiting for CentOS 8.
I need to upload servers on aws and I wanted it to be CentOS but version 7.7 with the 4.4.210 kernel has some
vulnerabilities Specter and Meltdown vulnerabilities.

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