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0016620CentOS-8_unreleased_devel_pkgspublic2020-03-23 23:35
Reportertux808 Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version8.0.1905 
Summary0016620: twolame-devel omitted from release
Descriptiontwolame-devel not available in the distro release repositories
Steps To Reproducetwolame-devel package builds without issue from twolame-0.3.13-11.el8.src.rpm via mock
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related to 0016492 resolvedbstinson No libssh2-devel package 




2020-02-12 15:48

administrator   ~0036274

Is there something outside of the CentOS distribution that requires twolame-devel to build?



2020-02-12 16:19

reporter   ~0036277

In Fedora, sox BuildRequires twolame-devel. We've modified the EPEL 8 branch to build without the functionality provided by libtwolame.

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