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0016643CentOS-7Cloud-Imagespublic2019-11-21 14:28
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Summary0016643: AWS AMIs for CentOS 7 do not allow r5n and r5dn instance types
DescriptionThe official CentOS 7 AWS AMI images do not allow launching with r5n or r5dn instances types. Other high-network instances types, i.e. c5n are available, so this appears to be an oversight rather than an intentional decision.
Steps To ReproduceAttempt to launch an r5dn.24xlarge instance using ami-0420a69ecd2a5a90e in us-east-2

AWS returns this error:

An error occurred (UnsupportedOperation) when calling the RequestSpotInstances operation: The instance configuration for this AWS Marketplace product is not supported. Please see the AWS Marketplace site for more information about supported instance types, regions, and operating systems.

Launching an, e.g. c5n.4xlarge instance type, works as expected (as does an r5d.24xlarge image).
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2019-11-13 21:07

reporter   ~0035688

I work for a company that extensively uses CentOS in AWS/EC2 that still contains product code of the base image. We want to convert to using r5n instance types for a few reasons. Would love to know when this may be addressed. We believe, like the ticket author, that the decision to omit r5n was unintentional and is probably due to it being a very new instance type. Thank you for reading this comment and take care.

2019-11-21 10:43

administrator   ~0035722

we should be ok to enable this instance type, let me sync with the AMP folks

2019-11-21 14:28

administrator   ~0035727

have asked the AMP team to go ahead and enable these instance types

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