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Summary0016650: [CloudSIG] Mirrors out of sync with CBS Tags
DescriptionThere has not been any synchronization in since Oct 21st even when several packages have been tagged in -release tags, including RDO Train GA builds. This is blocking the official announcement of RDO Train.

Despite of the fact that several members of the group have been trying to contact kb over irc for this and also for the issue reported in, there has been no response, and unless there is a manual sync we will have to wait for next monday (syncs happen only from monday to thursday).
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2019-10-28 08:42

reporter   ~0035598

Immediate issue was resolved last Friday Oct 25,
what we are missing is visibility into CentOS infra logs and scripts, how can we help to open this up at read-only level first and with the plan to open infra to contributions?
We have experience working within opendev/openstack infra where all infra is in the documented public git configuration repo[1], anyone can send the change for a public review and infra core group approves it.
Secrets and ssh access is also limited to the infra core group.


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