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0016697Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2019-11-07 12:34
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Summary0016697: opendaylight-6.4.0 repository missing repodata

we are trying to use CBS opendaylight 6.4.0 repository:

Package is there, but repodata directory is empty:
which causes yum to break.

Seems repodata was last time updated on October 31st.
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2019-11-06 11:50

administrator   ~0035645

So, the first thing to know is that such repository shouldn't be used, as it's only on one node, and with unsigned packages.
No provided .repo file (distributed through -release- pkg) would point to that location either.

It seems nothing was even pushed and tagged as -release but you should contact the SIG-NFV team about this instead


2019-11-06 11:52

administrator   ~0035646

Just to add that only the following pks/repositories are processed to be signed and pushed :

Again, it would be a question for the NFV SIG


2019-11-06 12:02

administrator   ~0035647

and just to be complete/fair, yes, there was an issue for that repo, so it's now fixed, but it doesn't change the fact that one should only use released/signed pkgs and nothing from the build environment :)


2019-11-06 12:03

reporter   ~0035648


this repository is being used by OpenStack Kolla SW, we opened a bug there and suggested that this repository should not be used:

Naive question - can we push this bug to NFV SIG? Or should we open a brand new one somewhere else?



2019-11-06 14:15

reporter   ~0035649

as updated in the LP bug, this was fixed in upstream Kolla
but not in a tagged release yet, suggestion is to use Kolla from git.

Re. NFV SIG - there is no action on SIG side for this specific case since it was fixed upstream, we could only transform this into a request to cleanup SIG tags for unmaintained projects (which ODL seems to be)

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