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0016757CentOS-8sssdpublic2019-11-20 17:40
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Product Version8.0.1905 
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Summary0016757: When "default_domain_suffix" is for SSSD GDM fails to start freezing boot
DescriptionWhen the default_domain_suffix parameter is enabled in the [sssd] section of the /etc/sssd/sssd.conf file the "user@42.service" (GDM) fails to start with an error message of unix_chkpwd[2614]: could not obtain user info (gdm@implicit_files). This causes the boot to hang indefinitely waiting for the failed User Manager to start.

When the service fails to start journal -xe shows the following error

unix_chkpwd[2301]: could not obtain user info (gdm@implicit_files)

If I boot the system to the multi-user target and log in to root and type id gdm I get uid=42(gdm@implicit_files) it looks like it should work.
Steps To ReproduceJoin an AD with the realm command.
(followed the directions posted here: in case the issue is with their directions.
Did not add the default suffix at this time.

Log with AD user.

Add a "default_domain_suffix" parameter to the sssd.conf file.

Reboot the system

Wait for it to hang


use realm to join an AD

Log in with an AD user.

reboot into the multi-user target

add or comment out the default_domain_suffix line

systemctl restart sssd
systemctl restart user@42.service

if default_domain_suffix is set then user@42.service will fail to start
if default_domain_suffix is not set the user@42.service will start
Additional InformationThe linux machine gets AD information from a Microsoft Windows Server.
I am using NFS home directories.
Tagschkpwd, default_domain_suffix, sssd, sssd.conf


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