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0016769CentOS-6gpgmepublic2019-11-26 20:34
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Summary0016769: package qgpgme-devel is omitted from the CentOS-Stream repositories
DescriptionCentOS-Stream provides package qgpgme, which includes shared libraries, in the Stream-AppStream repository, but it does not provide the corresponding qgpgme-devel package in Stream-PowerTools (nor in Stream-BaseOS or Stream-AppStream).
Steps To ReproduceThe command

    dnf --enablerepo=Stream-BaseOS,Stream-AppStream,Stream-PowerTools 'qgpgme*'

will list 64- and 32-bit qgpgme packages, but not the corresponding qgpgme-devel packages.
Additional Informationqgpgme is built from the gpgme source RPM. The version of that SRPM used to build the current qgpgme packages (1.10.0-6.el8.0.1; obtained from does build qgpgme-devel packages, so it looks like they just aren't getting properly deployed to the repository.

That does provide a workaround: I can build the missing packages myself, locally, by using the SRPM without modification.
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