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0016782CentOS-8postfixpublic2020-01-20 20:59
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Summary0016782: Missing package: postfix-ldap (no LDAP support in Postfix without it)
DescriptionAfter switching from CentOS 7, to CentOS 8 I realized that there is LDAP support missing in Postfix which is a deal breaker for any mail server that relies on LDAP. Here is a bug report for RHEL [1]. RHEL supposedly provides postfix-ldap, so the same package should be present in the CentOS 8 repos.

Steps To ReproduceIf the prefix "ldap:" is used in postfix config ( or, the default CentOS 8 postfix reports an error:
 postfix/smtpd: error: unsupported dictionary type: ldap


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