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0016817CentOS-8kernelpublic2020-01-20 17:33 
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PlatformNoneOSCentOSOS VersionCentOS8.0
Product Version8.0.1905 
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Summary0016817: CentOS8.0 does not support hptiop and mvsas integrated drivers.
DescriptionWhen using HighPoint's RR4520 RAID array card on CentOS 8.0, it prompts that the driver cannot be loaded.
Looking at CONSIDERATIONS IN ADOPTING RHEL 8, I found that in CentOS8.0, the hptiop and mvsas device drivers have been removed from Kernel.
Request to add hptiop and mvsas device drivers back to the list of hardware supported devices in CentOS8.0.
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Additional Information1.Use instructions in CentOS7.7 and Cent8.0:
#modinfo hptiop
#modinfo mvsas
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2019-12-11 05:16


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2019-12-20 01:05

manager   ~0035865

For the devices whose support has been removed from RHEL-8/CentOS-8, you are advised to file a request for the drivers and their DUDs (driver update disks) with ELRepo at . You can see currently available DUDs here:

2019-12-20 02:39

reporter   ~0035867

Hello, is there anything different about submitting a report through
Since CentOS8.0 removed the hptiop and mvsas device drivers, a large amount of user feedback after CentOS7.7 was updated to CentOS8.0, RR4520, RR2720 and other series products cannot be used directly. We can only recommend users to use Cent0S7.7 or other Linux system. This has caused a lot of confusion for some users who need to use CentOS8.0.
Is there a way to add hptiop and mvsas device drivers to CentOS8.0 again? Or add hptiop and mvsas device drivers to the plus kernel? Hope you can provide us a solution so that more users can use CentOS8.0.
Thank you.


2019-12-20 08:19

manager   ~0035869

We can only add the drivers to the plus kernel. mvsas is already enabled in the upcoming 8.1 plus kernel. Will enable hptiop as well.

Because the distro kernel cannot be modified like that, you need a DUD image to install the OS. Once done, you can switch to the plus kernel.


2019-12-21 01:58

manager   ~0035875

hptiop and mvsas are enabled in


2020-01-20 17:33

manager   ~0036078 released.

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