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0016843CentOS-8anacondapublic2020-01-13 15:43
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Summary0016843: Distribution DVD uses an invalid repository name ("Centos Linux", contains spaces).
DescriptionThe distribution DVD continues to use a repository name that contains spaces (as did previous versions of CentOS). However, the libdnf distributed on the DVD no longer supports repository IDs with spaces (see When the DVD repository is imported into cobbler, the mirrored repository cannot be used to PXE boot install target hosts. The anaconda installation fails with "RuntimeError: Bad id for repo: CentOS Linux, byte = 6", (see attachment).
Steps To Reproduce1. mount -o loop CentOS-8-x86_64-1905-dvd1.iso /mnt
2. cobbler import --arch=x86_64 --path=/mnt --name=centos8.1905-x86_64 --breed=redhat
3. cobbler system update --name target --kickstart /var/lib/cobbler/kickstarts/centos8.1905-x86_64-vm.cfg --profile centos8.1905-x86_64
4. PXE boot the target




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2020-01-12 02:26

administrator   ~0036005

The only thing I can guess here is that cobbler is somehow using media.repo to seed the kickstart. I really don't know how cobbler works at all, is that profile automatically generated?

Any idea if the same problem happens with a RHEL DVD? Their naming in media.repo has spaces too, so the fix may be in whatever cobbler is doing to generate repoids at import.


2020-01-13 15:43

reporter   ~0036014

We don't have an RH subscription, so I don't know about Cobbler and the RH DVD. The cobbler distro and profile are automatically generated by the import. A default kickstart is provided by cobbler but needs to be modified for each distro. I have attached ours. You will notice that the 'repo --name="CentOS Linux"' as it did for CentOS 7. If I take out the space, ie. "CentOSLinux", to satisfy libdnf, the installation fails with "Error setting up software source" (see new screenshot attached).

centos8.1905-x86_64-vm.cfg (2,355 bytes)

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