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0016860CentOS-7yumpublic2019-12-24 11:40
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Product Version7.6.1810 
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Summary0016860: IUS release package update not working
DescriptionHello Team,

I was using IUS release repository to install git2u-all package since long, but recently came across one issue with this package installation as now the live repository states that "git2u-all" is obsolete and "git216-all" will be installed. But while auto installation of this package i found it broken as git216-all looks out for "emacs-git216 = 2.16.6-1.el7.ius" dependent package (that i couldn't find under centos package repository for IUS releases).

May you please check this issue and help with some solution.


Sourabh Maggo
Steps To Reproduce1. Install latest rpm from "" on centos 7.
  # yum -y install
2. Try installing git2u-all.
  # yum install git2u-all

This will produce a warning "Package git2u-all is obsoleted by git216-all, trying to install git216-all-2.16.6-1.el7.ius.noarch instead" with failure while installing "git216-all" as well.

3. Try installing git216-all directly. This will also end up with error while installing dependency package "emacs-git216 = 2.16.6-1.el7.ius".

4. Try searching for "emacs-git216". You will find no package. However you will get "emacs-git2u" in the live repo.
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2019-12-24 11:39


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Error-1.png (54,053 bytes)
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2019-12-24 11:40

manager   ~0035885

CentOS does not run the IUS repo. You need to ask them.

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