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0016870CentOS-7mutterpublic2019-12-27 20:42
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Summary0016870: Mutter update doesn't include upstream fix
DescriptionCentOS 8 CR updates mutter to 3.32 from 3.28 but it doesn't include the upstream fix from here:

That means that desktop usage will be broken for anyone using a multi-input compisite monitor setup, e.g. Nvidia Mosaic or IBM T221, Dell 2715K, Dell 3218K and other similar very high end monitors.

Worse, excluding mutter from the update still ends up resulting in a non-working system because some components that don't work with mutter 3.28 update anyway due to broken dependency version tracking. This results in a system where the GUI login screen doesn't work, (black screen with just a cursor), but the console login doesn't work either (Ctrl-Alt-F3), because the console getty is blocked until the system finishes booting - and it isn't deemed to have finished booting until GDM gets to the point where it displays a login screen.

IMO the entire package set relating to the gnome update should be pulled from the CR repository until the mutter fix from upstream is incorporated.
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2019-12-27 19:23

manager   ~0035904

As far as I can tell, the latest release from RH for EL8 is mutter-3.32.2-11.el8_1. That is from december 17th. As mentioned by Brain in his release email that is the GA content, nothing from after that date. And I don't see mutter-3.32.2-16.el8 released from RH.


2019-12-27 20:34

manager   ~0035905


The RHBZ you referenced says its status is "VERIFIED". This means that the updated package has not been released (as @tigalch pointed out). Once released for RHEL, it will be published by CentOS.


2019-12-27 20:42

reporter   ~0035906

The point I was trying to convey is that "it's also broken upstream" may not be a great reason to release a broken version, and it may be preferable to wait until the upstream version is fixed.
This morning I gave up after an hour of trying to unpick a partial downgrade and did a zfs rollback to get back to a working system.

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