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0016893CentOS-8kmodpublic2020-01-06 01:19
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Product Version8.0.1905 
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Summary0016893: 2 identical nvme disks are recognized as 1 multipath nvme device
DescriptionI'm trying to setup a local workstation/virtualization host and bought 2 identical nvme disk for raid 1.

Entering storage setup, 2 devices are recognized as 1 multipath device, which is obviously wrong. I tried just add the device and proceeded with the installation, which resulted in installed system can't boot.

Remove 1 disk, and installation went flawlessly
Steps To Reproduce- Add 2 Lexar NM610 nvme disk
- Install CentOS-stream using official dvd iso
- At the storage select step, instead of two selectable basic nvme disk, multipath create a /dev/mapper/mpatha specialized disk
- Unable to install Centos
Additional Information- Model name: Lexar 1TB NM610 M 2 2280 PCIe G3X4
- Part number: LNM610-1TRB
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