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0016903CentOS CIgeneralpublic2020-02-18 17:31
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Summary0016903: Please create user "darkmuggle" on Openshift cluster, with access to projects "fedora-coreos" and "fedora-coreos-devel"

as part of Fedora CoreOS development I'd like to get access to

As such, I'm requesting a new user to be created on the Openshift cluster, with proper RBAC for accessing Fedora CoreOS resources.

Requested username: darkmuggle
Projects access:
 * fedora-coreos
 * fedora-coreos-devel

I can be reached over GPG at
My key is on keyservers, fingerprint is EDB7 AE76 6074 692B C268 A021 A6BF 5A27 0758 767C

My sponsor is jlebon, which should be chiming in here soon.
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2020-01-08 17:52

reporter   ~0035974


To be clear, Ben should have access to four projects:

- projectatomic-ci (soon to be removed)
- fedora-coreos
- fedora-coreos-devel
- coreos-ci


2020-02-03 18:20

reporter   ~0036189

Ping. Just wondering if anyone can help me out here.

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