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0016968Buildsysgeneralpublic2020-06-17 11:39
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Summary0016968: webkit2gtk3-devel is missing in aarch64 centos8 repo
DescriptionPackage webkit2gtk3-devel is in x86_64 and ppc64

But not in aarch64:

This is blocking Cloud SIG to build some dependencies.
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2020-01-23 09:43

developer   ~0036099

Thanks for the report,

As it is out of the CBS scope, I am assigning it to Brian who has the power to look at it.



2020-01-27 12:43

administrator   ~0036133

Coming from this build it seems :


2020-01-27 13:50

reporter   ~0036136

Current situation is coming from RHEL, -devel packages for webkit2gtk3 are in rhel repos for x86_64 but not for aarch64.

Would it be possible to somehow workaround it in CentOS before RHEL? (I presume it will take some time to get it fixed in RHEL).


2020-01-27 14:43

administrator   ~0036137

Last edited: 2020-01-27 14:56

It seems to be there.

So if it is missing in RHEL it is likely a bug there.

OH .. I take it back, the -devel- file is NOT in the errata.



2020-01-28 08:45

reporter   ~0036141

Yes, although i'm still not sure if that's on purpose, "asymmetric" arches looks weird to me.

Anyway, I guess we could treat this as a missing -devel package (we will hit more for the not included in RHEL). How could we move on with this?


2020-01-29 10:42

reporter   ~0036151

we need to get petro (Erlang/RabbitMQ maintainer) involved to see if we could just drop GTK part, we don't need any graphics support for RabbitMQ.


2020-02-04 18:00

reporter   ~0036199

Reported also to RHEL

Droping the wxwidgets subpackage in erlang to remove dependency from GTK3 removes also some other subpackages in addition to wxWidget:

# common_test
# debugger
# dialyzer
# et
# megaco
# observer
# reltool (*)

Those are required in other packages erlang packages, so i think the best approach is to push to get GTK.


2020-02-17 12:44

reporter   ~0036297

From RHEL bz, aarch64 is really fully supported until RHEL 8.2 so let's proceed bootstrapping CloudSIG on CentOS8 with ExclusiveArch x86_64 ppc64le
we can add aarch64 later after 8.2 is available.


2020-04-23 08:22

reporter   ~0036752

Can "centos-release-rabbitmq-38" package be removed from aarch64 extras until this bug is solved?


2020-06-17 11:38

reporter   ~0037139

webkit2gtk3-devel is in centos 8.2 so i guess we can close this.

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