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0000170administrationmirrorspublic2004-02-06 13:18 Assigned To 
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Summary0000170: has and old 'old' directory
Descriptionmay not be using 'delete' on rsync
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2003-12-24 17:22

reporter   ~0000626

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reassigned to thunderbear

2004-01-06 11:15

reporter   ~0000627

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Still there - thunderbear are you getting the emails from bugzilla ???

2004-02-05 16:23

reporter   ~0000628

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Sorry. Behind on my bugsquashing. I emailed Tru to ask how he's backing up
cAos. I checked his server and at least he's still updating it with new
content, as evidenced by the presence of CentOS-3 build 6. Will try to convince
him to add that pesky "--delete" flag to his rsync job.

2004-02-06 13:18

reporter   ~0000629

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Issue is resolved.

They had:

rsync -av --delete --exclude creation /mydir

It should be:

rsync -av --delete --exclude=creation /mydir

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