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0017005CentOS CIgeneralpublic2020-02-18 17:14
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Summary0017005: Install "Throttle Concurrent Builds Plugin" to
DescriptionPlease install "Throttle Concurrent Builds Plugin" to jenkins instance. (

We would like to run our PR checks for our (Eclipse Che) repositories. Our PR check takes non-trivial amount of time and as our repositories are pretty active, we could:
* build pretty huge queue and devs will wait long time for PR check results, if we have concurrency disabled in our jobs
* consume lot of executors on our slave, so periodic jobs will not have place to run, if we enable concurrent builds.

I would like to enable concurrent builds for the PR check job, but throttle maximum of concurrent job executions to some reasonable amount (for example 3) to prevent the situations I've described earlier.
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2020-02-18 17:14

administrator   ~0036314

We do not plan to change the extension manifest for the central master

If you'd like to manage your own plugins, we can consider a migration to your own master in openshift.

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