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0017021CentOS-7opencryptokipublic2020-02-07 16:47
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Product Version7.7-1908 
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Summary0017021: TPM1.1 hardware tokens cannot be initialized with "tpmtoken_init" due to token database corruption
Descriptiontpmtoken_init creates a data store in /var/lib/opencryptoki/tpm/$USER. When creating the data store the $USER part of the path gets lost and files like NVTOK.DAT and all files under TOK_OBJ are created in the wrong directory. The result is the token data base is corrupted and keys cannot be created. This results in a C_Login failed: 0x00000102 (258) error.
This behavior started in opencryptoki-3.11.0-3. If this version is removed and replaced with opencryptoki-3.2.2 (from centOS6) the process works.
Steps To ReproduceThis requires a TPM hardware token, I used one on a SuperMicro X9:
        Label: IBM PKCS#11 TPM Token
        Manufacturer: IBM Corp.
        Model: TPM v1.1 Token

Install trousers, tpm-tools, tpm-tools-pkcs11, opencryptoki*
Enable the token in the BIOS
Initialize the token for tpm. First set Owner and SRK passwords:
change the SRK password to empty with
       tpm_changeownerauth -s
fix SRK access
       tpm_restrictsrk -a
Initialize token wit
After completion of this step the /var/log/opencryptoki/tpm/$USER should contain a directory of $USER. The $USER dir should contain 3 files and a TPM_TOK directory which may contain 9 files.
With version 3.11.0-x and newer, the TPM_TOK dir is empty and some files are created at the /var/log/opencryptoki/tpm level.

File creation can be seen by running tpmtoken_init under strace. It is evident in the log from strace that the $USER portion of the path for these files is getting dropped.

Additional InformationCentOS6(64 bit) version 3.2.2 works as expected.
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