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0017025CentOS-7abrtpublic2020-02-09 13:45
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Product Version7.7-1908 
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Summary0017025: Disable subverting of reports to RH
Descriptionabrt currently subverts the reporting path of application crashes from RedHat's bugzilla to this bug tracker.

But bugs reported in this tracker are ignored and simply don't get fixed and I have even been told that in order to get them fixed they need to be reported upstream to RedHat:

So what's the point of having abrt report bugs here? Why is this done? What is the usefulness of it given the above advice from @tigalch? Why isn't this subversion being reverted in favour of maintaining the reporting upstream to RedHat since that's the only place that bugs are fixed?

How do I disable this subversion in the CentOS version of abrt?
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2020-02-09 13:45

reporter   ~0036237

NVM. I found libreport-rhel-bugzilla.

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