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0017032CentOS-8_unreleased_devel_pkgspublic2020-02-10 19:28
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Summary0017032: devel packages missing from CentOS 8, needed by KDE
DescriptionThe following packages are required to build the full KDE suite. They prevent a varienty of packages from building.
Their main packages are in CentOS 8, but not these devel packages.

qgpgme-devel (Prevents 20+ packages from building)
mobile-broadband-provider-info-devel (Prevents the whole plasma network stack from building)
openslp-devel (Already reported in a different ticket)
qhull (Oddly, the -devel is in CentOS8 PowerTools, but not the main binary)

Getting these into CentOS 8 would be appreciated.
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related to 0016492 assignedbstinson No libssh2-devel package 


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