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0017046CentOS-8kernelpublic2020-02-13 09:15
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Summary0017046: [CentOS Stream] Kernel update results in -169.6% performance regression with ctx-clock
Descriptionctx-clock is a simple test program to measure the context switch time in clock cycles.
With Kernel 4.18.0-168, ctx-clock performance regress -169% compared with Kernel 4.18.0-151.

Kernel 4.18.0-151:
Average: 190 clocks
RSD: 0.8%

Kernel 4.18.0-168:
Average: 512 clocks
RSD: 1.6%

regression: -169%

Steps To Reproduce1) download
2) unzip -o
3) cc $CFLAGS ctx_clock.c -o ctx_clock
4) ./ctx_clock

The result will be printed on screen.
Additional InformationHardware:
    Processor 2 x Intel Xeon Platium 8280L @ 2.70 GHZ (56 Cores/112 Threads)
    Motherboard Intel S2600WF (02.01.0008 BIOS with default settings)
    Memory 384G DDR4-2933 (12 x 32G)
    Disk 1600GB INTEL SSDPE2KE016T8
    Graphics ASPEED Family
    Network Intel Connection X722 for 10GBASE-T
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2020-02-13 09:15

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