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0017064CentOS CIgeneralpublic2020-03-06 19:20
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Summary0017064: Java Packaging HOWTO - duffy key not recognized
DescriptionThe duffy key assigned to this project is not recognized during build.
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2020-02-19 07:54

developer   ~0036319

After checking your .cicopipeline, there are 2 things I would like you to do
1. Remove line 23
2. On line 8, replace `node()` with `node('cico-workspace')`
Please confirm if things work once you have done that


2020-02-20 07:29

reporter   ~0036356

First time i tried it it outputed: "‘cico-workspace-4k0ck’ is offline"
When i tried to use `node()` it outputed: "cico: command not found"
Second time i tried with "cico-workspace" it outputed: "‘Jenkins’ doesn’t have label ‘cico-workspace’"


2020-03-06 19:20

administrator   ~0036476

Ok part of the trouble was some missing information in the openshift secrets (the SSH key portion) that is fixed, as is the trouble using the node('cico-workspace') selector.

Please don't modify the master node configuration, adding labels there causes the master node to pick up work before openshift can spin up a workspace container for you. The workspace container is the one that contains all of the necessary tools to request/release duffy nodes.

Here's a job that was able to request a node and perform some operations: Packaging HOWTO/20

Marking this done.

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