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0017092CentOS-8_unreleased_devel_pkgspublic2020-03-18 22:59
ReporterSandro Bonazzola Assigned To 
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Summary0017092: Missing libvirt-glib-devel
DescriptionWithin CentOS Virt SIG we are trying to build Advanced Virtualization packages and we are failing to build libvirt-dbus on missing libvirt-glib-devel.
Please either ship libvirt-glib-devel in CentOS (preferred) or make it available in Community Build System build root.
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related to 0016492 resolvedbstinson No libssh2-devel package 




2020-02-28 14:52

reporter   ~0036399

Just an information update (as I'm the one that requested this to Sandro):
libvirt-glib-devel is not shipped by RHEL-8. I think it never was shipped.

What happenes is that libvirt-glib-devel is produced by libvirt-glib, which is shipped in RHEL-8, but the -devel package is marked as a buildroot only package. I don't fully understand CentOS policies for this kind of case but I believe that it would prefered to keep the same structure and ship it as a buildroot only package.

But, as I said, I'm new into CentOS and I'm not sure if the CentOS community is OK with keeping packages as buildroot only (because it makes local rebuilds harder) as RHEL use to do. But, as long as the package is available for our sig group build, I'm OK with whatever the CentOS community prefers.

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