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0017097CentOS-8libvirtpublic2020-02-28 19:30
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Product Version8.1.1911 
Summary0017097: Worng parameters of vgchange when libvirt tries to start an LVM pool of a shared VG
DescriptionWhen libvirt tries to start an LVM pool, it always use "/usr/sbin/vgchange -aly vg-name". This used to be good for clustered VG (based on clvm, that afaics is being deprecated in favor of lvmlockd). However, when the VG is a shared VG (based on lvmlockd), this fail with the message "Failed to lock logical volume....".

Maybe a solution could be to let the users modify the vgchange parameters for libvirtd.
Steps To Reproduce* Create a shared VG with lvmlockd.

* Add it as a pool for libvirtd, with "virsh pool-define" for example.

* Try to start it with "virsh pool-start".
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