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0017122CentOS-8tarpublic2020-03-11 10:41 Assigned To 
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PlatformVmware VMOSCentosOS Version8.1
Product Version8.1.1911 
Summary0017122: tar fail to set file permission to match user umask
DescriptionWhen extracting file from an archive (compressed or not) the files are restored keeping the orignal permission and not the user umask.
Also specifiying the option --no-same-permissions files are restored with original permissions.
If UMASK of the user executing the command are more restrictive than the permission of the file on the archive then the user umask is being applied to the file.

According to the man page I would expect user umask is applied by default to all files and folder
              Apply the user's umask when extracting permissions from the archive (default for ordinary users).

Steps To Reproduceextract a tar archive that contain file with 600 permission with a user with umask 0002. I've tried with esx log bundle which is collected with file with permission 600
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2020-03-11 10:41

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