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0017138CentOS-8generalpublic2020-05-25 09:07 Assigned To 
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Product Version8.1.1911 
Summary0017138: points at CentOS 8.0.1905 not 8.1.1911
DescriptionCentOS sources have been posed at
However, the symlinks under have not been updated.
Specifically, does not exist, and still points at 8.0.1905
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2020-04-06 13:40

reporter   ~0036653

Is there a timeframe for fixing this? Is it really just a symlink that needs updating?

In the interim, is it safe to switch to as the authoritative repo for latest sources for centos 8 updates?


2020-05-25 08:38

reporter   ~0036985

Is there any news on this? It seems is also not being updated.


2020-05-25 09:07

reporter   ~0036986

Nothing yet. From centos-devel ML:

> ...
> We are designing the build system, including
> creating modules iwth mbs from scratch for CentOS 8 .. it is going to
> take some time to automate making every go to the correct place.
> ...

I would guess the team is busy with Centos 7.8 and 8.2 preparation and CentOS Stream activities.
Workaround is to build src.rpms from, as described here:

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