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0017149CentOS-6kernelpublic2020-03-14 20:40
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Product Version6.10 
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Summary0017149: issues with Broadcom BCM5709 network card and bonding driver
Descriptionduring the upgrade to the kernel 754.28.1.el6 I noticed that my network card Broadcom BCM5709 doesn't work anymore when used with bonding driver.
the bonded network card can apparently receive packets but it cannot transmit data.
the interface stats reports 0 sent packets and error count is very high.

not sure if it depends from the network card driver or the bonding driver, but since I noticed from changelog several changes for the bonding driver, I'm inclined for an issue with the latter.

reverting to kernel 754.27.1.el6 solves the issue.
Steps To Reproduceit may suffice to bond the 2 ports of the Broadcom BCM5709
then ping some host
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