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0017202CentOS-8guilepublic2020-03-30 17:58
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Product Version8.1.1911 
Summary0017202: guile1.8-snarf emits broken output
Descriptionguile1.8-snarf, the version of guile-snarf packaged with the Guile1.8 compatibility devtools (compat-guile18-devel), consistently produces broken output. For example, given an input C source file with this content:

#include <libguile.h>
SCM stest_object_new (SCM, SCM);
SCM_PROC (s_object_new, "test-object-new", 1, 0, 1, stest_object_new);

it emits this faulty output:

/* cpp arguments: test.c */
 scm_c_define_gsubr (

When there are multiple declarations to snarf, a broken declaration is emitted for each one.

The correct output would be something substantially equivalent to this:

/* cpp arguments: test.c */
scm_c_define_gsubr ( s_object_new , 1, 0, 1, (SCM (*)()) stest_object_new) ;

, which is what guile-snarf v1.8.7 of CentOS 6 emits.
Steps To Reproduce
$ cat >test.c <<'EOF'
#include <libguile.h>
SCM stest_object_new (SCM, SCM);
SCM_PROC (s_object_new, "test-object-new", 1, 0, 1, stest_object_new);

$ guile1.8-snarf test.c
Additional InformationThe guile-snarf program from the main guile-devel package appears to produce acceptable output for the example case, so it may be usable as a workaround. It is difficult to be certain that that v2.0 implementation will produce output correct for v1.8 under all circumstances, however.


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