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0017221CentOS-8initial-setuppublic2020-04-03 12:57
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PlatformCentOS 8.1OSCentOSOS Version8.1.1911
Product Version8.1.1911 
Summary0017221: initial-setup-reconfiguration.service presents initial-setup wizard unexpectedly.
DescriptionAfter enabling initial-setup-reconfiguration service, the initial-setup is always offered on every reboot.

This presents options to accept the License (already accepted) and to create a user (including administration users), making this issue a potential cybersecurity issue.

Steps To ReproduceInstall Minimal CentOS with initial-setup.
Enable initial-setup-reconfiguration.service
systemctl enable initial-setup-reconfiguration.service.
touch /.unconfigured

Initial setup is offered on the next boot, as expected. Configuration can be modified and the wizard is completed by continuing.
Startup continues to login screen. Log in an ensure that /.unconfigured file has been removed. /.unconfigured is not present.

systemctl status initial-setup
This show initial-setup is dead and disabled.

systemctl status initial-setup-reconfiguration
This shows initial-setup-reconfiguration is dead and enabled.


On next boot, abreviated initial-setup is offered again. This is unexpected.
Logging in shows that initial-setup-reconfiguration did not run as conditions (presence of /.unconfigured) was not met. /var/log/messages shows logs from the initial-setup TUI, but does not offer an explanation as to why it is starting.

Once the initial-setup-reconfiguration.service is disabled, the initial-setup is no longer offered on every reboot.
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