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0017241CentOS CIgeneralpublic2020-07-09 03:13
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Summary0017241: Create CI project for rpki-client
DescriptionI'm the Fedora/EPEL package maintainer and an upstream contributor of OpenBSD "rpki-client" (portable) and would like to support the "rpki-client" portable project by having CentOS builders to run CI builds (and later maybe also further tests) on CentOS's CI. Not sure if it's relevant, but as it's a small project, we're still happy with less resources.
Additional InformationSSH and PGP key are referenced in my CentOS FAS account (robert).
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2020-04-18 14:07

administrator   ~0036710

Reminder sent to: siddharthvipul1



2020-05-06 23:14

reporter   ~0036883

Kind ping? :)


2020-07-01 09:56

developer   ~0037283

hi @rsc, sorry for the delay! we were in between a openshift cluster deployment
we can create a namespace for you.
Can you please tell me these things

1. Do you need the ability to checkout bare metal nodes to do CI work?
2. namespace name preferred in openshift (your jenkins deployment's route will be
3. ACO email addresses of namespace admins


2020-07-09 03:13

developer   ~0037342

Hi, I have created a namespace for you on the new cluster.
If you login to [0] (using your ACO username and password), you should see your namespace.
In the namespace, you would also see a Jenkins pod routed to URL [1] and you can configure your jobs there.
In the future, if you want another admin to be added to the project, you can open another ticket. If you have a query, you will find me at #centos-ci@Freenode, #centos-devel or #fedora-ci@Freenode with IRC nick `siddharthvipul`


* Just a kind reminder that you own the Jenkins pod and jobs inside it which means I don't know all the configs that you will do hereafter. In case something breaks, while I will try to help you, mostly it will be wiping and restarting things from fresh (you have all the access to namespace so you can do that as well) :)

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