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Summary0017302: *-azure-common-release tags locked

I seems that for some reason the *-azure-common-release tags I'm using to release packages are now locked [1].

This wasn't the case with our last release in March. I'm not sure if this is an error or if maybe there has been a some change in the process that I'm not aware of. Is there something I should do to re-enable these tags?

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2020-04-29 11:14

administrator   ~0036808

Yes, locked because despite the thread on centos-devel list about new signing, some SIG never reacted, which is your case :)
so we decided to lock all non responding SIG that haven't validated that new signing would create pkgs where they expect those to land.
For azure, it's clearly not following the tagging convention so packages aren't landing where you think they should
Just look at and see the diff between azure (before) and azure-common (the one created automatically by new signing process and following koji tags)


2020-04-29 11:17

administrator   ~0036809

see this thread (and all answers including the naming convention)
and SIGGuide :


2020-04-29 18:38

reporter   ~0036824

Hi - thanks for the detailed reply. Sadly I missed that thread as I'm not on the centos-devel list, but just the Virt sig list [1] at the moment :/

If I understand correctly it seems the big change is that the new process automatically decides where to push content based on koji/cbs tag name. So we need to find a way to get back to the using "azure" as the repo name as that's what everyone has now. Is the solution then to request tags that follow the new convention - i.e. "virt6-azure-release" - similar to how we did it originally [2][3] ? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding something.




2020-05-01 07:27

administrator   ~0036842

virt{6,7}-azure-release wouldn't work with the naming convention discussed with @alphacc (and for which we use same tool to create all tags the same way)

We only locked the -release tags to ensure that you'd have time to find a way to fix and so people wouldn't be confused about pkgs not landing in correct place.
Have a look at your last tag-built pkgs for virt6 : they landed here : and not on (per koji tag hierarchy)
Now what you can do is to have a new centos-release-azure to have the .repo pointing to new url ?
We can also suddenly try to rename tags to something different too if you want, as I see that such repo contains only kernel pkgs anyway
so something like virt{6,7}-azure-kernel-{candidate,testing,release} and that would mean all landing in azure-kernel (instead of azure-common)

Once we have a plan we can see with @alphacc to quickly implement and you can tag-build pkgs in a new tag (if you want) or just continue with azure-common (if that's also fine for you)
Of course, we can temporary also have a symlink from azure to azure-common during the 7.8.2003 (that just landed) time frame (for 6, there is no release anymore and it will go EOL in november)

Opinions ?


2020-05-01 07:49

reporter   ~0036843

OK - as far as a plan moving forward - I think changing the tags to virt{6,7}-azure-kernel-* makes that most sense. That means the new repo names would be "azure-kernel" instead of just "azure". I can update the centos-release-azure package to point to the new location once it is live.

I would also think a symlink from azure -> azure-kernel for both 6 and 7 would be really helpful. Ideally this will ease the transition for customers. After all this is our own dirty laundry we're sorting out :)


2020-05-01 11:46

administrator   ~0036846

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Here we go :

* Checking distribution el6 configuration...
 -> Checking virt config...
Creating tag : virt6-azure-kernel-candidate
Creating tag : virt6-azure-kernel-testing
Creating tag : virt6-azure-kernel-release
 -> creating virt6-azure-kernel-el6
Added external repo centos6-extras to tag virt6-azure-kernel-el6-build (priority 5)
Added external repo centos6-updates to tag virt6-azure-kernel-el6-build (priority 10)
Added external repo centos6-os to tag virt6-azure-kernel-el6-build (priority 15)
Adding virt6-azure-common-candidate as inheritance

* Checking distribution el7 configuration...
 -> Checking virt config...
Creating tag : virt7-azure-kernel-candidate
Creating tag : virt7-azure-kernel-testing
Creating tag : virt7-azure-kernel-release
 -> creating virt7-azure-kernel-el7
Added external repo centos7-cr to tag virt7-azure-kernel-el7-build (priority 5)
Added external repo centos7-extras to tag virt7-azure-kernel-el7-build (priority 10)
Added external repo centos7-updates to tag virt7-azure-kernel-el7-build (priority 15)
Added external repo centos7-os to tag virt7-azure-kernel-el7-build (priority 20)
Adding virt7-azure-common-candidate as inheritance
Adding virt7-common-candidate as inheritance

They all already exist now and you should be able to build.
For existing content, you can also probably (if you want to) import pkgs from old to new tags.
Either with "cbs clone-tag <src-tag> <dst-tag>" or select yourself what you still want to see pushed to (like cbs list-tagged and then cbs tag-build).
You'll probably just (per SIGGuide) still have once to "cbs add-pkg" for such pkg to be added in the list of pkgs and then be authorized to build such pkg for that tag.

PS : "clone-tag" has some options like --config so would import pkg list, or --all would import .. well, all :)

Let us know if that works for you.
For -release, as soon as you'll have something pushed to azure-kernel, I'll delete azure and make it a symlink to azure-kernel, so either drop in #centos-devel on or just update this ticket



2020-05-06 20:09

reporter   ~0036880

Thank you for all your help so far. I've tagged all my builds with the new tags and I think we're ready to proceed with removing the "azure" repo and replacing it will the symlink "azure->azure-kernel".

I've also updated the centos-release-azure packages and tagged it with the same core{6,7}-extras-common-* tags I've used in the past, however these are not yet showing up in [extras] in buildlogs or the mirrors. Is this still the right tagging to use to publish to extras? Or should I file a separate bug for this? In any case this seems less urgent for customers as the symlink should have the same effect as updating the repo configuration anyway.

[1]: and


2020-05-07 05:26

administrator   ~0036886

azure is now a symlink for azure-kernel for both 6 an 7.
I'll try to ping @johnnyhughes to ask him a build + sign/push centos-release-azure


2020-05-07 05:29

administrator   ~0036888

WRT extras for c6/c7, they aren't built on/from, so basically Johnny is using your src.rpm as source to build in the distro builders and then sign/push ...

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