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0017326Buildsyscommunity buildsyspublic2020-08-05 10:35
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Summary0017326: Please add virt8s-ovirt-44 related tags in community build system
DescriptionA soname bump (dpdk.x86_64 18.11.2-3.el8 AppStream vs dpdk.x86_64 19.11-4.el8 Stream-AppStream) broke openvswitch package on CentOS Stream.
We needs different tags both for the buildroot, and to deliver out to the mirrors.
Looking at existing tags I think we can use something like:

 - virt8s-ovirt-44-candidate
 - virt8s-ovirt-44-testing
 - virt8s-ovirt-44-release
- virt8s-ovirt-44-el8s-build

Looking at I think this will require to add there an 8-stream directory tree for the testing packages.
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Sandro Bonazzola

Sandro Bonazzola

2020-05-12 06:14

reporter   ~0036921

while at it, can you also please do the same with advanced-virtualization?

 - virt8s-advanced-virtualization-candidate
 - virt8s-advanced-virtualization-testing
 - virt8s-advanced-virtualization-release
 - virt8s-advanced-virtualization-el8s-build


2020-08-05 10:35

administrator   ~0037499

Request migrated to new issues tracker :

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