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0017347CentOS-8gnome-shell-extensionspublic2020-05-09 00:40
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Product Version8.1.1911 
Summary0017347: Computer locks when accessing network drive via (Places) extension
DescriptionComputer locks when accessing network drive via (Places) extension

The following GNOME Shell Extension completely blocks my desktop when trying to access network drives:

Places Status Indicator (GNOME Shell Extension)
Version: 3.32.1-10.el8
Updated: Never
Category: Add-ons → Shell Extensions
License: Free
Source: AppStream
Installed Size: 22.1 kb

Using this extension locks me onto the popup and doesn't allow me to cancel or unlock when entering credentials. However, using Nautilus to access network drives works fine.
Steps To Reproduce1. Install GNOME Tweaks (Tweak advanced GNOME 3 settings) using Software 3.30.6.
    Version: 3.28.1-6.el8
    Updated: Never
    License: Free
    Developer: The GNOME Project
    Source: AppStream
    Installed Size: 1.4 MB
2. Turn on Places status indicator using GNOME Tweaks.
     a. Click on Activities.
     b. Search for Tweaks and click to open.
     c. On the left panel, click on Extensions.
     d. Locate "Place status indicator" and set toggle to on by clicking.
3. Create a connection to a network drive via Nautilus.
     a. Click on Activities.
     b. Search for Files and click to open. (Should be installed).
     c. On the left panel, click on "Other Locations".
     d. Create a network drive connection to Samba by typing
          smb://ip_address next to "Connect to Server" at the bottom of the window and click connect.
     e. Once created, right click the network drive connection icon and click Mount.
     f. Select "Registered User", Enter Username, Domain, Password and select "Forget password immediately" and click connect.
     g. A link will be created on the right panel.
4. Lock/Block via "Places".
     a. Click on the "Places" indicator at the top of the GNOME panel.
     b. Click on the network drive link.
         You may need to Ctrl+Alt+F3 to login in and reboot.
         I was able to repeat it twice.
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