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0017359CentOS-7nautiluspublic2020-05-14 12:34
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Product Version7.7-1908 
Summary0017359: Crash after clicking on "Find and replace text" during renaming multiple files
DescriptionI have a folder tree of about 2 folders deep with about 1000 png images in total and I couldn't finish mass renaming of them all at once.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open Nautilus
2) ctrl+f (Search in folder)
3) Fill "png" (content not relevant)
4) click on a fila and ctrl+a (Select all files) // Note: files are from multiple subfolders up to 2 levels deep
5) F2 (Renaming) // "Rename 810 files" shows up as expected and files seems to be listed in the bottom of the window
6) Left-mouse click on "Find and replace text" radio button => instant crash!
Additional InformationI failed to determine what is the actual cause of this (or which combinations of causes), but my wild guesses are:
- some race condition If I click it too fast... because it happened to me once that I repeated the same search over and over again, it kept crashing and crashing, until it has suddenly stopped... like if some index has been saved and since then no crash for that search (no idea, just a guess)
- files and folders have characters: ~_()=-
- more than X files
- there are multiple files of the same name in different folders
- folder names are repeating
- folders itself and files inside that folders both in search result

I tried that in other folders, with other type of data and it happens too.
I tried that on 3 different filesystems, the same. (There are some illegal chars in filenames for NTFS, but problem persists even without these files)
I have about 20GB free RAM, that is not the issue.

I'm attaching a whole folder that crashes for me for above steps, hope it helps.

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2020-05-14 12:34

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