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0017377CentOS-6gitpublic2020-05-19 04:44
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Product Version6.10 
Summary0017377: if ever occurred: memory overflow / configuration value "core.packedGitLimit" has no effect at all (--> no limit) if set to 2g(e
DescriptionSee "".
Steps To ReproduceSee also at "".
Additional Information* See also at "".
* There is a patch to solve the problem: "".
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2020-05-19 04:44

reporter   ~0036963

!!! I M P O R T A N T !!!
I have not know 'your' 'special' handling of urls: if you click e.g. at
"" you get a website, that has the trailing '"' (quote)
in its url included; so S T R I P T H E T R A I L I N G Q U O T E , when opening my links!

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