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0017395CentOS-8zlibpublic2020-05-26 03:57
Reporterwenhuanh Assigned To 
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PlatformIntel Xeon Platium 8280L OSCentOS StreamOS Version8
Summary0017395: zlib-1.2.11-optimized-CRC32-framework.patch caused 24.1% performance regression in gnupg
Note the score is higher means performance is bad.

||||version||||zlib 1.2.11-10.el8|zlib 1.2.11-13.el8|
||||score||||| 11.99 Seconds |||15.71Seconds |||

There are 3 local patch added in zlib 1.2.11-13, we found it was zlib-1.2.11-optimized-CRC32-framework.patch caused the performance regression.
Steps To Reproduce1. Download phoronix-test-suite (as attached)
2. Install phoronix
     tar zxf ~/phoronix-test-suite-8.4.1.tar.gz
     cd ~/phoronix-test-suite
     sudo ~/phoronix-test-suite/install-sh
     phoronix-test-suite network-setup
     phoronix-test-suite batch-setup
3. Run benchmark
     phoronix-test-suite run gnupg-2.4.0
Additional InformationHardware:
    Processor 2 x Intel Xeon Platium 8280L @ 2.70 GHZ (56 Cores/112 Threads)
    Motherboard Intel S2600WF (02.01.0008 BIOS with default settings)
    Memory 384G DDR4-2933 (12 x 32G)
    Disk 1600GB INTEL SSDPE2KE016T8
    Graphics ASPEED Family
    Network Intel Connection X722 for 10GBASE-T
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2020-05-26 03:57


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