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0017405CentOS-8keepalivedpublic2020-05-27 11:34
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Platformx86_64/VMwareOSCentOSOS Version8.1.1911
Product Version8.1.1911 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0017405: keepalived stops working after a while
DescriptionSometimes keepalived daemons stop participating in the group and start using a lot of CPU. This results in good cluster members losing the floating IP and less healthy (broken) members receiving it.

Looks like this upstream issue:
Steps To Reproduce1. Set up keepalived with frequent check scripts. A vrrp_script checking for a process with "killall -0" every second is a common pattern.
2. After some hours/days/weeks keepalived reports something like 'Track script prcheck_nginx is already running, expect idle - skipping run'.
3. There are no more logs, the daemon uses 100% of CPU and no longer advertises its state.
Additional InformationWe have built a new keepalived package from latest sources, but it will be some time before we can say if the problem is gone.
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